Established and Paying PTC Site: WordLinx

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Screenshot Front Page WordLinx -

Screenshot Front Page WordLinx –

WordLinx – Short and compact

Registration: WordLinx is free to join!
Minimum age: Unknown!
Payout limit: You must have a minimum of $10.00 USD in your available account balance before requesting a cashout.
Withdrawal Options: Paypal only!
Earning potential: Advertisements & Points
Online since: 2003
Already paid: No data available…

Earning Money with WordLinx – Step by step

After your registration at WordLinx you are able to earn money by browsing paid advertisements. Log in to your account and click the “Brwose Ads” navigation item…

Screenshot "Browse Ads" Naviagtion Item -

Screenshot “Browse Ads” Naviagtion Item –

In order to make money here, you only have to click on the advertisements and visit the sponsored websites for 5 to 60 seconds, depends on the value of each ad. The amount per ad ranges from $0.001 and up to $0.02. As a “Basic Member” you have to view so called “preview advertisements” before you are able to see the sponsored ones. Preview Advertisements are displayed for 10 seconds & are non paid ads. To be credited for an ad-click follow this instruction:

  • Click an ad on the “Browse Ads” page
  • View the pre-view advertisement
  • Click the Paid ad link at the top, after the preview-timer ends
  • Solve the captcha to get paid

After clicking all advertisements this way you have the opportunity to review all your advertisements. For every reviewed ad you will earn 1 point. I would recommend to accumulate these points and do not miss this possibility.

How can I use my points?

Points can be exchanged for items in the Wordlinx store. Log in and click the navigation item “Store” to exchange your points.

Screenshot Pints Store -

Screenshot Pints Store –

In the screenshot above you can see the items you are able to buy…

  • Exchange 50 points for “Remove Pre-Views for 1 Week”
  • Exchange 200 points for “1 Week Verfied Upgrade”

I would recommend to earn at least 200 points for upgrading your account to verfied, which includes the pre-view removal. You also will benefit from the following upgrade details…

WordLinx Memberships

Screenshot Compare Memberships -

Screenshot Compare Memberships –

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