Established and Paying PTC Site: LinkGrand

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Screenshot Front Page LinkGrand -

Screenshot Front Page LinkGrand –

LinkGrand – Short and compact

Registration: Free and without commitment!
Minimum age: Unknown!
Payout limit: $5,00 minimum payouts for all member types via PayPal. All payments are sent within 24 hours of your request.
Withdrawal Options: Paypal
Earning potential: PTC Advertisements, Billboard Tokens
Online since: 2006
Already paid: Unknown

Get paid to visit websites

After your registration you are able to login to your account at LinkGrand. Click the navigation item “Earning Stats” and start to make money clicking advertisements at LinkGrand. At first you have to solve a quick anti cheat question to proove you are a human, after that you can browse the available advertisements.

Screenshot available Ads -

Screenshot available Ads –

Click all available advertisements marked with a green dot and visit the sponsored website for 10 to 30 seconds (depends on the value of each ad). The amount per ad ranges from $0.001 and up to $0.003. Above the regular advertisements you also have the ability to click the so called “Quicklinks”. You do not need to wait until a timer runs out, you only have to click each link and will earn $0,001 per quicklink-view.


You must have a valid Paypal account and at least $5.00 current cash to proceed with cashout. All payments are sent within 24 hours of your request.

Special note: Depending on your account type with Paypal, Paypal may charge you a fee to accept this payment. Personal Paypal accounts normally can receive money for free. Business accounts will be charged a fee from Paypal. If you have $200 or more and would like us to send you a check instead, please open a support ticket requesting this option. This is only available to users with $200 or more to withdraw.

Billboard Tokens

The Billboard Tokens, another earning opportunity LinkGrand offers. Members will earn tokens by clicking on the new Billboard advertisements located above the regular paid links.

Screenshot Billboard Token Example -

Screenshot Billboard Token Example –

You will earn 1 token for each billboard site you click on each day. These reset at midnight and you can click again the next day to earn more tokens. Each month LinkGrand will pick 5 Jackpot winners. At that end of the month, the member earning the most Billboard tokens in that month will win half of the jackpot. The other four winners will be selected at random based on the number of tokens and will split the remaining half of the jackpot. The more tokens you have, the better your chance to win. This is a very fun way to earn bonus cash from LinkGrand!

Promotion Tools

Refer members to our program and receive an amazing 30% commission from their clicks. Refer advertisers to our program and receive 10% of their advertising purchases.

Premium Upgrade

As a confirmed premium member, there will be more links available for you to click on that are not available to other members.

  • Earn double cash on all premium links viewed ($0.006 for each click)
  • Receive all newsletters and updates before regular members
  • Get an email sent to you each time a new link is available

The following membership plans are available at LinkGrand:

  • $5.00 for four months
  • $12.00 for two years
  • $22.00 lifetime
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