Established and Paying PTC Site: CashnHits

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Screenshot CashnHits Front Page -

Screenshot CashnHits Front Page –

CashnHits – Short and compact

Registration: Free and without commitment!
Minimum age: Unknown!
Payout limit: $0.25 minimum payouts for Premium and $0.60 for Standard Members via PayPal and $1.25 via Alertpay.
Withdrawal Options: Paypal & Payza
Earning potential: Advertisements, Video-Ads, AutoSurf, Surveys, Tasks & Adprize
Online since: 2009
Already paid: $473,092.21

Screenshot Browse ads -

Screenshot Browse ads –

Earning Money with CashnHits – Step by step

At CashnHits you are able to earn money in multiple ways. The first option you got is browsing the paid to click advertisements. Click the “Earn Money” –> “PTC Ads” navigation item on the top of the page and start earning by viewing ads.

In order to make money here, you only have to click on the advertisements and visit the sponsored website for 7 to 45 seconds (depends on the value of each ad). The amount per ad ranges from $0.001 and up to $0.02. Make sure to check this item multiple times daily to never miss new advertisments coming in.

Autosurf Earning Ads

The next earning opportunity at CashnHits is the autosurf option. Click on “Start Surfing” and two small pop-up windows will open (one window displays your earnings and the other one shows the autosurf ads). Do not close any of these pop-up windows. You can surf 1600 ads a day and will get $0.0001 per view that means a total earning potential of $0.16 a day. Upgraded Members will have more surf limits and higher surfad ranges per view.

Once you reach the daily limit you will get a message about it, then you can close the pop-up windows and watch them the next day again!

Video Ads

Screenshot Video Ads -

Screenshot Video Ads –

Video Ads work the same way. Click on a video advertisement and you will be see a button “Click here to view the video”. After clicking that button a pop-up window will open with the video ad. When the countdown has finished, click the “Click here to get credited” button to get credited for viewing the video. The amount per video ad ranges from $0.001 and up to $0.003.

Chance to win up to $2

Screenshot Cash-in-Grid -

Screenshot Cash-in-Grid –

Cash-iN-Grid is easy to play, just click anywhere on the picture and win up to $2.00 that goes directly into your account balance! Every day you got 25 fresh Cash-iN-Grid opportunities available. Try your luck, there are hundreds of happy Cash-iN-Grid winners daily! Maybe you’ll be the next!

FaceBook Like Ads

To earn money with Facebook Ads on CashnHits you must have a Facebook-account with at least 20 friends. It is necessary to login to your facebook-account to view these advertisements (if you are not logged in it will prompt you to do so). When you click an facebook-ad, it will open the ad in a new window and also a small pop-up window will open with the timer. Once the timer is finished, you will see a small “Like” Button on the same small pop-up and you have click it in order to receive your earnings. Thats it!

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