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Screenshot BuxP Front Page -

Screenshot BuxP Front Page –

BuxP – Short and compact

Registration: BuxP is free to join!
Minimum age: Unknown!
Payout limit: The minimum amount required for requesting a payment via Payza or Paypal is $6.99 for both Standard and Premium members.
Withdrawal Options: Paypal & Payza
Earning potential: As a member you Get Paid To Visit Websites, View Video’s, Complete Offers, Complete Survey’s and much more
Online since: 2008
Already paid: More than $221378

Screenshot Browse Ads -

Screenshot Browse Ads –

Earning Money with BuxP – Step by step

At BuxP you are able to earn money in many ways. One option you got is browsing the paid to click advertisements. Click the “Earn Money” –> “Ads” navigation item on the top of the page and start earning by viewing ads.

In order to make money here, you only have to click on the advertisements, solve a numeric captcha code and visit the sponsored website for 5 to 30 seconds (depends on the value of each ad). The amount per ad ranges from $0.001 and up to $0.01. Every hour of the day the view ads page refreshes completely live and shows fresh advertisements, make sure to check this item every hour daily to never miss new advertisments coming in.

Anti Cheat Link

In addition to the regular paid to click ads at BuxP you can find a link that should never be clicked. The last advertisement on the view ads page is an anti cheat advertisement with the name “DO NOT VISIT THIS LINK – This link will RESET your BALANCE to ZERO!”. You will not be credited any $ after viewing this advertisement! So be attentively clicking the ads.

Screenshot Anti Cheat Link -

Screenshot Anti Cheat Link –

Need help with viewing ads correctly?

If you seeing the “not credited” sign when trying to visit websites, this may happen if you open more than one ad at a time or if the ad expired during your visit. If the ad is a frame breaker, please hit the “report” button on the ad or post the ad ID (string at the end of the url) on the forum in the correct thread.

Video Ads

The next earning opportunity at BuxP is the video ad section. Click the “Earn money” –> “Video” navigation item to browse Youtube and Vimeo Video Ads.

Screenshot Available Video Ads -

Screenshot Available Video Ads –

Click on an video advertisement to open a dialog containing the video. Click the play button to begin playing the video and start the timer. A timer will count down the time you have to view the video before you can claim your earnings. If another user using the same IP as you has already viewed an ad on this page today, you will not be able to view it. Each ad can only be viewed once per day from any IP address.

Screenshot Task Overview -

Screenshot Task Overview –


One of the highest earning potential you got at the task page at BuxP. Click “Earn money” –> “Tasks” on the top of the page and start completing Member- and BuxP-Tasks.

Click “The View Instructions & Complete” button (1) at any of the available tasks listed on the page. Read the task requirements (2) and click the button (3) to open the task website. After completing the task, enter the proof instructions in the popup-field (4) and click the “I have completed this Task” button (5) to receive your earnings. Complete as many tasks as you can to multiply your daily earnings at BuxP.

Screenshot Completing Tasks -

Screenshot Completing Tasks –

Earn BUXPoints

Screenshot Earn BUXPoints -

Screenshot Earn BUXPoints –

Another great earning opportunity at BuxP, the BUXPoints. Click “Earn money” –> “Offer-Walls” –> “Earn BUXPoints” at the top of the page and start earning BUXPoints. Once you have accumulated enough BUXPoints, you can exchange them for:

  • Lottery Tickets (50 BUXPoints)
  • 250 Traffic Exchange Credits(100 BUXPoints)
  • 1 Referral(150 BUXPoints)
  • 1000 Traffic Exchange Credits(200 BUXPoints)
  • 1 Jackpot Entry(200 BUXPoints)
  • 1000 Member Visits(450 BUXPoints)
  • 1000 Youtube Views(500 BUXPoints)
  • 5 Referrals(750 BUXPoints)
  • 2500 Member Visits(1000 BUXPoints)
  • 1 Month Premium Membership(1250 BUXPoints)

The offer-wall widget tabs displays offers from a various number of networks. For each offer completed, BUXPoints will be added to your account. Read the description carefully (there are e-mail, sign-up, download, install & mobile offers) and complete the offer until the end (often requires e-mail confirmation) in order to get credited.

BuxP Premium Membership Upgrades

To multiply your earnings at BuxP you are able to buy (there is no need to buy the premium membership to get paid!) a Premium Membership pack and receive the following extras:

  • Extra (premium only) ads.
  • Priority Payments / Get paid INSTANTLY.
  • DOUBLE advertisement earnings: Earn up to $0.011 on each advisit
  • DOUBLE referral earnings: 100% instead of 50% click earnings from your referrals!
  • DOUBLE video, video offers and survey earnings.
  • Earn 7.5% commissions from sales made through your referral link!
  • Higher chance to win ClickRewards.
  • Ability to message your referrals.
  • Ability to replace your referrals.
  • Priority in Support.
  • Golden status on the forum & shoutbox.
  • More stats regarding your referrals & offers.
  • 200 free credits to promote your website/referral link in our traffic exchange system.

And if you upgrade for 1 Year, you also receive the following Madness Pack:

  • 5 FREE Referrals (worth $6.99)
  • 5000 FREE website traffic credits (worth $13)
  • 100 FREE facebook likes & shares (worth $3)
  • 100 FREE twitter followers & retweets (wort $5)
  • 1 week FREE banner exposure in our sites header (worth $12)
  • 1000 FREE traffic exchange credits (worth $2)
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